Joann DJ Ehlman


Intuitive Life Coach,

Reiki master Teacher,

Evidential Medium,

Author & Speaker


Author of Como Coco -The Journey 

Joann DJ Ehlman is an Intuitive Life Coach,  Reiki Master Teacher,  Author of Como Coco The Journey & Speaker.  The book she wrote is a creative non-fiction book that shares her life stories of struggles and triumph and her faith that helped her through it.

She was born highly sensitive and an Empath when she was very young she experienced a traumatic event that altered her life. She buried her physical and emotional pain in her subconscious mind, which changed her innocent thoughts, and riddled her with fear and shame. When she leaned on her faith and intuition it led her to uncover the truth that was buried in her subconscious mind. 

The time came when her spirit was ready to face the truth, to deal with and heal the emotional wound that was buried deep in her subconscious mind for most of her life.  She sought out skilled practitioners that were guided by their intuition to help her heal the emotional wounds. As the result of healing her emotional wounds, she has gained skills and uncovered her passion to help others find their voice to uncover their truth, by claiming their authentic self so they too can live vibrant lives.

When she isn’t glued to the computer writing she enjoys Zumba, Yoga, Walking her dog, Hiking, Painting, Crafts, Decorating and spending time with her family and friends. She is currently working on her second book and earning her RCA and ICF credentials.