Are you an Empath?

Do you desire to be empowered?

If so…

 intuitive LIFE COACHING Plans is for you


Intuitive Life coaching is designed to be a self-directed journey that taps into your full potential and reveals your authentic self.

My Intuitive life coaching process addresses your unique Empath abilities, personal desires, and spiritual development which, will help you nurture your self-empowerment.

 You might be wondering “How?”

I do this by working with you, we examine what is going on right now, discovering what is your obstacles or challenges you might be facing. 

I will utilize my Intuition by tapping into your energy allowing myself to be guided for your best and highest good.

 In addition to guiding you through Intuitive Life Coaching, I will use tools when guided to do so.

Tools I’ve learned through my healing journey.

You will learn how to shift your mindset so that you feel consistently clear about where you’re going, confident about how you’re going to get there, and fully present in each moment of your day.

I will teach you tools, to help guide you on how to tap into your natural resources by offering you insight on how to tap into your energy and intuition so, you can utilize it throughout your day.

Tapping into your natural resources will help promote your empowerment.

Intuitive Life Coaching will help guide you to choose the right course of action to help you transform your life.


“My mission is to guide Empaths to help shift past their perceived obstacle and guide them to see a new perspective which, will promote empowerment to move forward with a new lease on life.”


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Ideal for Empaths that need a quick dose of accountability and clarity of their goals.


  • 1x 60-minute coaching session




Most Popular!

Perfect for empowering Empaths regardless of where you are on your lives journey.



  • 3x 60-minute coaching sessions



Designed for Empaths that are serious about making a series of changes in their lives to feel empowered.


  • 6x 60-minute coaching sessions



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Recent Customer Reviews

From the very beginning, Joann made me think that something positive and special was going to happen. She encouraged and guided me through the session and suggested ideas to manifest and strengthen what I was thinking but barely believing.  She’s amazing as a life coach and I would highly recommend her services.  
Lori T.

Joann is an incredible life coach! She was able to help me in a short amount of time in concrete ways that 20 years of therapy was unable to do. She is genuinely a kind woman, who is open and easy to connect with. Joann listens with understanding and without judgment, and she intuitively guided me in the direction I wanted to go, but couldn’t envision on my own. She taught me useful exercises and visualizations that allowed me to feel grounded for the first time in my life. I recommend Joann’s services to everyone I know!

Suzanne H.